vegetables ii

from by big whatever

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van morrissey, no chorus, b
i'm a good idea like sustainable forestry
catch me in the forest, where your man be foragin
sample the smiths, like i sample van morrisson

eatin wild alliums, eatin wild fennel
watch me cook it up in a stew with some lentils
catch me gettin wild over soul instrumentals
call me matt sharp, way i started the rentals

you could call me emerson, so transcendental
eatin vegetables, cuz my body is a temple
i do drugs, cuz my body is a temple
fists of fury but i'm better with a pencil

during lent, i repent like a sinner
yo, i never battle, so i'm always the winner
call me richard iii, i'm discontent, like the winter
i'm your favorite rapper, plus your favorite vintner

catch me in new york eatin hella cheap pizza
call me young julius, yeah, little caesar
you got beef, you can leave it to bieber
i need more cowbell, yes, i got that fever

call me chris walken, catch me in the walk-in
ball so hard, but first i gotta clock in
ball so hard, motherfuckers wanna can me
call me toucan sam, catch me in the tree canopy

yo, i make loops like the fruit did
use a word that don't mean nothin, like looptid
i sang on actor, and if you missed it
you probably think this song is about you, call me bisquick

you could call me seven, you could call me soda
so vice city you could call me ray liotta
catch me writin raps like i got a fuckin quota
now i'mma just chill while you listen to the coda


from detox, released March 18, 2014



all rights reserved


big whatever Gainesville, Florida

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